Sep 14, 2020

I am excited to be teaching again after taking about a year off. Sure…it’s remote lessons, but I am excited to meet new students and to help them meet their goals.


Sep 14, 2020

It was my intention that I would write about my thoughts a year after leaving academia. I am late! So much of life has changed, the pandemic being the main thing. But, gradually, I’ll fill you in about touring life, life as a freelancer and, of course, life during the covid disruptions. 

Next up…3P and EABD!

Oct 28, 2019

The first leg of my tour for Somewhere has been completed for a few weeks. I was very happy to spend time with friends, old and new, and their students at Ohio University, SUNY Fredonia, Penn State, Sesquehanna University, Nazareth College and Mansfield University.

The fun will resume in November. I’ll be a featured artist at Third Practice and the Electroacoustic Barn Dance. Both festivals are great fun and I get a lot of inspiration from meeting people and hearing their work.

Review: Sonograma

Oct 17, 2019

A review of Somewhere by Sonograma: “There are many sound locations where we have never traveled. Andrea Cheeseman teaches us to discover them with her fascinating interpretations.”

Youtube Link

Oct 14, 2019

My recording of Ben Broening’s piece Arioso/Doubles is on youtube:

Release day!

My debut album of works for clarinet and electronics is out TODAY. Pieces include: Arioso/Doubles – Ben Broening Somewhere – Matt McCabeMessy – Mark SnyderUltraviolet – Kirsten Volness Penelope’s Song – Judith ShatinBreath – Joe HarchankoFavorable Odds… Read More


Jul 29, 2019

What some might do before leaving for a performance at an international conference is practice like mad and fret about choosing The Perfect Reed.

Me? Today, I spent a few hours cleaning the wheel wells of my car. (About a month ago, I drove through a construction area where a road was being resurfaced. They had spread the preparatory material, and I went through it. I didn’t realize what it had done to the underbody of my car until I put it in my garage and noticed tar drips. Because of the heat in Columbia, the tar has never hardened. It just keeps on slowly dripping.)

I have often told me students: keep the days leading up to a recital as normal as possible. Make sure you are getting rest, eating well and exercising while doing basic warmups and playing passages of recital pieces slowly. No need to practice – the work has been done. As long as your preparation is good, there is no need to stress. 

Today (and this whole week, really), I have followed that routine. My days have been ‘normal’, I’ve eaten well and exercised. I am practicing, but I am mainly focusing on pieces for future performances. The two pieces I am playing Friday are ready to go. As far as that Perfect Reed? The climate will be really different when I get to Knoxville. I have a few selected to test and will perhaps go with a completely different one. 

All that being said, time to wash the tar off my hands and to practice. 

(Written last week)